Museum House of Holy Week

On April 6, 2003 our Museum House will be inaugurated.

The Casa Museu de Setmana Santa. is the fruit of many years of interest, effort and dedication. It’s full of life and dynamism. The central bay of more than 1400 m2. is located in the passages by chronological order to the Passion. It has 600 m2. For use in meeting rooms, multipurpose rooms, offices, services, offices, etc. This is a modern and functional building, currently considered the Museum Collection of the Valencian Community.

A rotating shift has been established for the opening to the public of the Brotherhoods, which are responsible for the surveillance and opening of the building throughout the year. Visits are arranged for school groups, associations or groups of individuals who so require, thus fulfilling a twofold objective: to show our steps, some of them of great quality and beauty, and to carry out at the same time a catechetical work.

Our thanks go to the priestly team of the Archpriesthood of the Mare de Deu del Pópul, for their firm will to carry out the project. Nor should we forget the support received from private entities and public institutions. Without being the only ones, it is worth mentioning the Caja Rural de Torrent and the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo, who did not hesitate for a moment to give us their support, as well as our Exmo. Ayuntamiento de Torrent, in whose maximum authority, Mr. D. Juan Jesús Ros, we have found a friend who has guided and encouraged us at all times.

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