Consiliaries of the Central Board of Holy Week Brotherhoods

Our Holy Week, of very good spiritual tradition goes “in crescendo”. It progresses quantitatively and it is pretended that it has identical advance in quality. This is the best proof of its thriving vitality.
But not only must our Holy Week be enriched, with a greater number of penitents and with a wider processional route, but it also needs a greater liturgical formation in all, so that they participate more actively in the acts of the temple.
The Central Board, coordinating body of the Brotherhoods, is very concerned about this formation and everyone must be convinced that the liturgy of the street is nourished by that of the temple, and that it owes its strength and vigor to it.
It is very common and vulgar the affirmation that our Holy Week has special characters of recollection, austerity and gravity. From long ago it was thus. But where did the torrentinos of today learn these virtues that so much exalts them? They come, undoubtedly, from the strong and Christian education that they received in their homes, saturated of Christian piety.
Today’s Holy Week is yesterday’s work, and tomorrow’s will be the fruit of today’s sowing. For that reason we cannot only live of stagnant traditions, that gradually lose their content. Tradition is something that is done every day and that is why it is never complete.
Tradition must be preserved and renewed, if we do not want it to become a dead weight. The Central Board must achieve that to the strong and austere configuration of our parades the liturgical formation and active participation of the brothers would be united, it would have managed to vitalize our tradition, pushing it towards a better tomorrow.

José González Frasquet
(Saluda Magazine 1957)

With these words we would like to thank the support of our confreres who have accompanied us on this journey that we began 75 years ago. They show us how we should act in our daily lives, they teach us that our strength to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is in the Eucharist. It gives us strength to commit ourselves to help others, especially in our work for others in the field of Holy Week.

Miguel Portolés Estivalis
José González Frasquet
José Deusa García
José Antonio Rando Martí
Jesús Mª Etxetxikía Pérez
Juan José Llorens Llorens
Jesús Corbí Vidagany

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